Speaking & Financial Education

Our keynotes, trainings, and courses blend the psychology of money with practical economic and financial information. Whether delivered in-person or online, each session is customized to accommodate either large and small groups, ensuring that every participant receives actionable insights in an accessible and relatable format.


Speaking & Education

With two decades of experience in education, financial services & real estate, Sarah creates custom sessions designed to equip your team with essential knowledge and practical action steps on the following topics:

  • Investments & Real Estate
  • Personal & Business Taxes
  • Retirement & Cash Flow
  • Money Mindset & Behaviors

Customized content that is engaging, relatable, and actionable in the form of:

  • Keynotes
  • Employee & team trainings
  • In-person workshops
  • Virtual presentations
  • Financial planning foundations course

How It's Priced:

All engagements have customized pricing based on scope of service and value provided. Pricing is generally based on our hourly fee of $350/hour for preparation, delivery and travel.


Facts & Questions

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